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OpenBudgets is an EU funded project, aiming at supporting journalists, civil society organisations, NGOs, citizens and public administrations, by providing an overview of public spending, as well as tools and appropriate data and stories to advocate and fight for fiscal transparency.

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Comparing money across time and space

A post by Jindřich Mynarz of University of Economics, Prague.

Let’s say there were two EU-funded projects: a Greek one from 2013 that cost 1 million eur, and a Romanian one from 2007 that cost 4 million lei. Which of the projects was more expensive? While this question seems deceptively simple, providing a correct answer is not as straightforward as we might expect. Moreover, the ability to compare money is essential for analyses of fiscal data, so it is important we get this answer right.

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Third Greek National Action Plan - A new perspective for fiscal transparency

A post by Olga Kalatzi of Open Knowledge Greece Journalists.

The participation and involvement of governmental bodies, stakeholders and citizens in order to promote open data initiatives and open government was one of the main goals of the event ‘Open Government: Participate, Propose and Be Heard! Conformation of the Third National Action Plan 2016-2018.’

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