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OpenBudgets is an EU funded project, aiming at supporting journalists, civil society organisations, NGOs, citizens and public administrations, by providing an overview of public spending, as well as tools and appropriate data and stories to advocate and fight for fiscal transparency.

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Making European Subsidy Data Open

A post by Michael Peters of Open Knowledge Germany.

One month after releasing subsidystories.eu, a joint project with Open Knowledge International, we have some great news to share. Due to the extensive outreach of our platform and the data quality report we published, new datasets have been directly sent to us by several administrations. We have recently added new data for Austria, the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, first Romanian data recently arrived and should be available in the near future.

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Slovenia Ranks Highest in ESIF Data Quality Index

A post by Anna Alberts, Michael Peters of Open Knowledge Germany.

Today OpenBudgets.eu presents the European Structural Funds Data Quality Index. Slovenia ranks highest, based on high data quality and high accessibility and usability of its portal.

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