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OpenBudgets Prototype Launch!

A post by Bela Seeger of Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland.

OpenBudgets prototype officially launched!

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For the beta version, we have developed tools around the three pillars of the project: data analytics, citizen engagement, and journalism. In the realm of data analytics, we present a time series forecasting algorithm that integrates with OpenSpending and predicts and visualizes the development of budgets into the future. As for cit…

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Prototype of Indigo released to the public

A post by Bela Seeger of Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland.

When budgets are discussed, the focus is often on adaptations and changes to in the budget, in many cases as reflections of indications of changes in political priorities. Time-series analysis bring such changes in budget and spending data to light. Open Knowledge Greece, a chapter of the Open Knowledge Network based in Thessaloniki and partner in has now developed an algorithm that does exactly that: time series analysis of budget data.

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About the project

OpenBudgets is an EU funded project, aiming at supporting journalists, civil society organisations, NGOs, citizens and public administrations, by providing an overview of public spending, as well as tools and appropriate data and stories to advocate and fight for fiscal transparency.

Our objectives