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Fundación Ciudadana Civio (“Civio”) is a Spanish non-profit organization established in February of 2012. Our strategy is to increase transparency and accountability through the use of information technologies and data journalism. Our commitment is to promote transparency and the recognition and democratization of the right to access to information. Civio’s ultimate goal is to increase citizens’ participation and awareness and to achieve significant cultural and legislative changes fostering a stronger democracy.

Our activities combine web applications and data journalism to develop innovative digital tools that facilitate access and interpretation of public information. Through the use of data mining, scraping, analysis and visualization, as well as the generation of quality content, we address fields such as public budgets, governmental pardons, access to information and conflicts of interest.

Civio publishes all the information it generates under a Creative Commons License, and all its applications are open source. Spanish media organizations such as, and re-publish our content regularly, helping us to reach a wider audience. Our work appears often in other national journals such as El Mundo and El Confidencial, and we have also reached prime time national television, between June and October 2012, with a regular section in a political analysis program.

We provide access to information rights training to public servants, teaching them how to manage databases and make the best use of public data for the citizenship. We also lobby to increase transparency and accountability. Apart from the freedom of information law, we have campaigned to obtain a lobby regulation law, to compel congressmen to publish their working agendas, and to make information public about ministers’ advisors.