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Transparency International’s Liaison Office to the EU (TI-EU) is the regional umbrella organisation of TI, the leading global CSO dedicated to the fight against corruption. TI-EU promotes transparency, integrity and accountability so citizens’ lives in the EU are free from corruption.

The mission of TI-EU is to help bring about a European Union (EU) free of corruption by promoting integrity, transparency, fundamental rights and accountability in EU internal and external policies, programmes and legislation. It achieves this through the coordination of robust EU-wide advocacy networks generating expertise from across the EU and bringing together partners in public, private and third sectors. TI-EU aims at broadeningengagement with its stakeholder networks to generate informed debate and action; bridging the gap between citizens and institutions; and fostering greater responsiveness and accountability to citizens. TI-EU ties citizens’ priorities to the EU policies designed to serve them, and promotes active citizenship, good governance, democracy and the rule of law across the EU.

The TI-EU Office was established in Brussels in January 2008 to coordinate the interface between Transparency International national chapters (TI-NCs) and the EU. It is registered as an independent NGO under Belgian law (AISBL). TI-EU’s work is built upon the close collaboration with the network of TI-NCs established in the EU member states. In relation to its advocacy on EU external actions, it coordinates with the entire global TI network consisting of more than 100 chapters around the world. TI-EU provides the link between 26 TI-National Chapters (NCs) within the Union and the EU institutions, as well as a cross-cutting regional dimension by coordinating the advocacy efforts and channeling the expertise of TI-NCs towards the EU institutions, as well as providing information and feedback on relevant EU initiatives and policies to TI-NCs.

TI-EU raises awareness of EU anti-corruption policies among citizens. TI-EU channels local expertise from the TI-NCs to EU institutions to inform EU anti-corruption policies and to enhance diffusion and impact. TI-EU’s main activities are:

  • ∙ raising awareness among TI-NCs of EU policies and decision-making processes;
  • ∙ promoting the implementation and enforcement of EU anti-corruption legislation in member states;
  • ∙ monitoring the work of the EU institutions to counter corruption risks;
  • ∙ coordinating advocacy campaigns with TI-NCs based in the EU - and further afield where necessary - to shape the EU policy agenda on corruption;
  • ∙ strengthening tools and capacities related to external communication and internal exchange of best-practices within the EU advocacy networks;
  • ∙ facilitating an informed public debate about anti-corruption measures, good governance and citizens’ fundamental rights in a democratic system;
  • ∙ providing in-depth anti-corruption expertise and best practice to EU policy makers