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University of Economics, Prague (UEP) is the largest public university of economics in the Czech Republic, with almost 20,000 students. It offers Bachelor’s degree study branches in Czech, English, and Russian, and Master’s and Ph.D. degree study branches in Czech and English. The university cooperates with more than 200 partner universities on four different continents, and is a member of numerous international organizations and networks such as the international strategic alliance CEMS (Global Alliance in Management Education) and PIM (Partnership in International Management).

Faculty of Informatics and Statistics is one of the six faculties of UEP. It acts at the same time as a large educational body and a workplace of several important research groups on various aspects of Informatics (related to business/government information systems as well as applied computer science) and Statistics (economic statistics and demography as well as mathematical methods). The linked/open data working group participated in numerous EU and national ICT projects, its members are involved in the PC of leading conferences on semantic web, knowledge engineering and data mining, and co-founded the initiative. UEP has a solid infrastructure of servers and workstations allowing to undertake software development, testing, as well as open data publishing.