OpenBudgets Prototype Launch!

Bela Seeger of Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland

Nov 18, 2016

Which features does the prototype launch showcase?

For the beta version, we have developed tools around the three pillars of the project: data analytics, citizen engagement, and journalism. In the realm of data analytics, we present a time series forecasting algorithm that integrates with OpenSpending and predicts and visualizes the development of budgets into the future. As for citizen engagement, the participatory budgeting interface lets users preview the interaction with the budget allocation process. Finally, the highly praised ‘budget cooking recipes’ website highlights the journalistic value of budget data by listing cases in which it has been used to investigate corruption.

Data Analytics

Open Knowledge Greece, a chapter of the Open Knowledge Network based in Thessaloniki and partner in has now developed Indigo. Using the tool, you can perform time series analysis of budget data, and create your own fiscal indicators. In the future, you will be able to apply many more algorithms.

Click here to read the full blogpost on Indigo.

Civic Engagement

Our partner Civio has developed an interface that combines the different user needs for voting, monitoring and announcing budget processes. As the front-runner in the field of visualisation public procurement, budgets and expenditure, governmental pardons, public-private power networks and conflicts of interests in Spain, it is part of their advocacy agenda to close the feedback loop in the decision-making cycle.

Data Art

Click here to learn more about the participatory budgeting tool and the research involved in creating it.


J++ showcases the power of incorporating budget and spending data into journalism with their ‘Budget Cooking Recipes’. The website satirically demonstrates the variety of possibilities through which corruption can occur in relation to budget data

Screenshot of

Click here to find out more about Cooking Budgets.

The Future

Tools, data and stories will be continuously added and improved over the next months as three large-scale pilot scenarios in the domains of participatory budgeting, data journalism and corruption prevention will be launched to gain further insights. These insights will feed into the overall platform for fiscal data.