How to make Participatory Budgeting Tutorials - an Inventory

Bela Seeger of Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland

Nov 3, 2016

Participatory Budgeting is defined by the World Bank (p.90) as “a process through which citizens can contribute to decision making over at least part of a governmental budget”. At the start of such processes, two prerequisites need to be met: citizens need information to understand the relevant aspects of the budgeting procedure, and they need to be sufficiently motivated to engage in the participatory budgeting process.

Data Art

With more than 1,500 cities around the globe practicing some form of participatory budgeting, there is a large amount of resources available that give insights into how policy makers and other proponents of participatory budgeting achieve these prerequesites. For the report “How to make Participatory Budgeting Tutorials - an Inventory”, Johanna zum Felde, Anna Alberts, and Bela Seeger have reviewed informational material distributed in participatory budgeting processes including manuals, handbooks, guidebooks, and flyers in order to determine what we can learn from that for future tutorial writing.

How can tutorials simultaneously fulfil the roles of giving clear information and encouraging participation? Read the report below to learn more, or review the short summary.

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