3 Apr 2017

European Structural Funds: A Data Quality Index.

For the project SubsidyStories.eu we collected all European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) beneficiary data from all 28 EU member states and turned it into actual Open Data. Subsidystories.eu is a tool that enables the user to visualize, analyze and compare subsidy data across the European Union thereby enhancing transparency and accountability in Europe. This report goes into detail on the difficulties we encountered obtaining, cleaning and standardising the data and thereby turning it into Open Data.

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18 Nov 2016

OpenBudgets Prototype Launch!

OpenBudgets prototype officially launched!

Screenshot of cookingbudgets.com

For the beta version, we have developed tools around the three pillars of the project: data analytics, citizen engagement, and journalism. In the realm of data analytics, we present a time series forecasting algorithm that integrates with OpenSpending and predicts and visualizes the development of budgets into the future. As for citizen engagement, the participatory budgeting interface lets users preview the interaction with the budget allocation process. Finally, the highly praised ‘budget cooking recipes’ website highlights the journalistic value of budget data by listing cases in which it has been used to investigate corruption.

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17 Nov 2016

Prototype of Indigo released to the public

When budgets are discussed, the focus is often on adaptations and changes to in the budget, in many cases as reflections of indications of changes in political priorities. Time-series analysis bring such changes in budget and spending data to light. Open Knowledge Greece, a chapter of the Open Knowledge Network based in Thessaloniki and partner in OpenBudets.eu has now developed an algorithm that does exactly that: time series analysis of budget data.

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16 Nov 2016

Tender for Large Scale Trials

OpenBudgets.eu has launched a call for tender for the improvement of transparency and modernization of budget and spending data directed at municipalities, regional governments, and qualified legal entities.

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11 Nov 2016

The OpenBudgets.eu data model

Driven by the use cases of OpenBudgets.eu, we designed a data model for fiscal data published by the public sector, covering both planned budgets and executed transactions. It is expressed primarily in terms of the Data Cube Vocabulary, conceived as a set of reusable component properties that can be composed into dataset-specific data structures.

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10 Nov 2016

The OpenBudgets Data Structure Definition for Public Finance Data: A Guide

This report is to be used as a self-contained guide to modelling datasets according to the OpenBudgets.eu data model. It contains the RDF Data Cube Vocabulary guide showing how the vocabulary is used throughout the data model. There are also IRI patterns that should be followed when creating datasets and code lists in OpenBudgets.eu.

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