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Tool 1

Visualize your data set and embed it on your website

Here you can upload your fiscal dataset. After you have described each column, you can produce instant visualisations to share with your electorate.

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Tool 2

Embed the Microsite on your website

If you want to go beyond embedding individual visualizations on your website, you can implement the microsite - a slimmed down, lightweight version of the dataset viewer, that you can easily control using an admin interface.

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Tool 3

Showcase the performance of your city

Using Key Performance Indicators, you can showcase the performance of your city or municipality.

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Tool 4

Let your electorate become decision makers in the budgeting process

With the Participatory Budgeting Tool, you can let your electorate become decision makers in the budgeting process!

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Tool 5

Use the Data Mining Tool Collection

Are you looking to dive deep into your RDF data? The Data Mining Tool Collection offers you a plethora of ways to do so. Using it you can apply time series algorithms, detect outliers, perform descriptive statistics, do clustering and similarity learning

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Tool 6

Build your own pipelines

Create custom pipelines to source, process, and convert data from almost any source into a variety of formats.

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Tool 7

Browse RDF Data

An open source content negotiator and HTML description generator for RDF resources. It is a PHP web application, able to be deployed in most environments out of the box with minimum effort, lowering the barrier for publishing Linked Data on the Web.

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Tool 8

Match Heterogeneous Codelists found in Fiscal Datasets

An application for online, collaborative, system aided manual entity linking. The tool can be used to manually create linksets between two knowledge graphs or to validate linkesets.

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Read recipes for Cooking Budgets

This collection of common corruption schemata displays European processes in bribery, embezzlement, favoritism and general abuse of public resources for private gains. It is meant to be used as a resource for journalists seeking to investigate misuse of public funds.

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Read The Football Tax

The Football Tax is a journalistic investigation that traces public spending to professional football.

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Discover Subsidy Stories

Dive into a massive database containing data on the beneficiaries of three of the most important financial instruments of the European Union, namely ERDF, ESIF, and Cohesion fund.

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Test your guessing skills

Budget and Spending data requires both a technical understanding and an immaculate sense of magnitude. Find out how you compare to others in your field using the Order of Magnitude Guessr

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Put yourself in the shoes of a tempted official

This game puts the player in the shoes of a public servant, tempted at various stages of his career path. How long will you stay legal?

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