Work Package Deliverable Name Link
WP1 D1.1 Survey of modelling public spending data & Knowledge elicitation report Download (910KB)
  D1.2 Design of data structure definition for public budget data Download (960KB)
  D1.3 Design of data structure definition for public spending data Download (951KB)
  D1.4 User documentation Download (888KB)
  D1.5 Final release of data definitions for public finance data Download (1,6MB)
  D1.6 Survey of code lists for the data model’s coded dimensions Download (2,1MB)
  D1.7 Extraction and transformation of relevant code lists See code list repo
  D1.8 Linking of data structure definitions to vocabularies Download (460KB)
  D1.9 Linking code lists to external datasets Download (749KB)
WP2 D2.1 Tools for Semantic Lifting of Multiformat Budgetary Data Download (540KB)
  D2.2 Data Optimisation, Enrichment and Preparation for Analysis Download (799KB)
  D2.3 Requirements for Statistical Analytics and Data Mining Download (684KB)
  D2.4 Data Mining and Statistical Analytics Techniques Download (1,1MB)
  D2.5 Data Mining Interfaces Download (2,2MB)
WP3 D3.1 Visualisations Collection (existing and ideas) Download (15,4MB)
  D3.2 Visualisations Creation Framework Download (1,5MB)
  D3.3 Comparative analysis presentation & creation tools Download (811KB)
  D3.4 Packaging specifications Download (684KB)
  D3.5 Demonstration visualisations Download (579KB)
  D3.6 Spending & Budget visualisation Social Network features Download (344KB)
WP4 D4.1 Specification of services’ Interfaces Download (528KB)
  D4.2 Analysis of the required functionality of Download (573KB)
  D4.3 Integrated Platform – Working prototype Download (1,1MB)
  D4.4 Platform Documentation Download (2,4MB)
  D4.5 Integrated Platform – Final Download (607KB)
WP5 D5.1 User Requirement Reports - First Cycle Download (700KB)
  D5.2 User Requirement Reports - Second Cycle Download (3MB)
  D5.3 User Requirement Reports - Final Cycle Download (1,4MB)
  D5.4 Workshops Report Download (684KB)
  D5.5 Tool Building and Tailoring Report Download (1,5MB)
WP6 D6.1 MEP Questionnaire Download (314KB)
  D6.2 Needs Analysis Report Download (1,3MB)
  D6.3 Quality index of EU structural funds data Download (425KB)
  D6.4 Press release and other media products Download (1,5MB)
  D6.5 Briefing papers Download (684KB)
  D6.6 Final Report: Data Quality Download (684KB)
  D6.7 Final Report: Recommendations for Change Download (1,7MB)
WP7 D7.1 Assessment Report Download (12,8MB)
  D7.2 Tool for influencing budget allocation Download (588KB)
  D7.3 Tool for monitoring budget executions Download (505KB)
  D7.4 Educational material/ resources Download (1,8MB)
  D7.5 Tool Implementation Download (1,4MB)
  D7.6 Call for large-scale Trials Download (1,1MB)
  D7.7 Large-scale trial report including best practices Download (1,1MB)
WP8 D8.1 Fact sheet & continuously updated website, social media Download (684KB)
  D8.2 Dissemination strategy, materials, press rel. & testimonials Download (1,3MB)
  D8.3 Stakeholder identification and outreach plan Download (1,8MB)
  D8.4 Annual Dissemination Report Download (1,1MB) 
  D8.5 Final Dissemination Report Download (10,5MB)
  D8.6 Exploitation Plan Download (1,1MB)
  D8.7 Exploitation Impact Report Download (1,1MB)
WP9 D9.1 Data Management Plan Download (540KB)
  D9.2 Second Intermediate Project Report Download (1,1MB)